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9×13 $0.18
9×13 cm
10×15 cm
13×18 cm
15×21 cm
20×30 cm

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In the past photo printing used to be an expensive and complex procedure: people used to take photos only on the most special occasions. However, nowadays, thanks to digital printing you can quickly get your photos printed for a cheap price.

We offer the following types of paper for printing: matte, glossy, and silk. In the calculator, you can also pick the size of a printed photo and set the production time. You may also print your images with or without margins – this option is available after you upload them.

Technical Details


Actual size

Size of a Printed File

9×13 cm 89×127 mm 1051×1500 px
10×15 cm 102×153 mm 1205×1807 px
13×18 cm 127×178 mm 1500×2102 px
15×21 cm 152×216 mm 1795×2551 px
20×30 cm 203×305 mm 2398×3602 px
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We deliver worldwide in any country of the world. Delivery time depends on a shipping company.

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Your order will be ready within 24 hours if uploaded design meets all the requirements. You can pick your order up in the office of a printing company after it is finished. Delivery time depends on a shipping company.

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