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Flyers Printing

The main goal of a flyer is to attract new customers. It has lots of common with a leaflet. The main difference is that it not only informs about company services or goods, it also provides a discount or bonuses.

Another important feature of a flyer is that you need to keep it if you want to use it. For printing, we use a coated matte paper of three types: 130 gsm, 250 gsm or, 300 gsm. There are two sizes in an online-calculator: Standard (210 x 98 mm) and A6. We may print flyers traditionally or digitally depending on the size of a print run.

Technical Details

Safety Line (red line)

Text and other important elements should not cross safety line

Size Before Cropping (black line)

Don't leave empty space, background must be reaching all sides of an image

Size before cropping
Safety Line

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